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We operate a complex outpatient pharmacy business, including a central fill and specialty pharmacy. We brought in ProviderScience to help us analyze our labor model and streamline scheduling. The software has helped us adjust staff schedules, so our pharmacists can focus more on pharmacist-level work, which makes them happier and our operations more productive. ProviderScience has also helped us communicate about pharmacy staffing in an objective way the broader organization can understand.

Jim ManfredExecutive Director, Nashville Academic Medical Center

We’ve changed the whole way we look at scheduling and labor with ProviderScience. In the past we used common metrics that unfairly distributed labor and didn’t account for clinical services work. With ProviderScience, anyone at our company, whether a pharmacy expert or not, can objectively evaluate how well a pharmacy is managing its labor. As a result of better scheduling to demand, we’ve found more time for clinical services and in less than a year our national MTM ranking rose 16 places!

Jason HolubPharmacy District Director, Brookshire Brothers Inc.

ProviderScience specifically tailored one seamless platform to integrate all our anesthesiologists and all our CRNAs together.

Javi VirkCOO, OrthoMed

DECA Dental is one of the fast-growing dental services organization in Texas. We are committed to delivering industry leading business support to our doctors, so they can focus on patient care. We chose ProviderScience because their software is easy to use yet powerful in how it enables fast communication across our organization. Also, unlike other vendors we evaluated, ProviderScience is willing and able to collaborate with us on customization and product ideas. Their team is great to work with and the centralized visibility they’ve delivered will be vital to our continued growth.

Chad LuhnCOO, DECA Dental Group