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Are you tired of annotating shifts in Excel and using your personal phone to hunt for qualified coverage?

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More Than Software

We are a healthcare employee scheduling and labor optimization solution, with dedicated healthcare focused team members to ensure your success.

"We chose ProviderScience because their software is easy to use yet powerful in how it enables fast communication across our organization."

Chad LuhnCOO, DECA Dental Group

Schedule 2.8X* Faster Than Before

Using an intuitive, modern system can help you schedule almost three times faster. Don’t believe it? Consider the amount of time wasted when a spreadsheet is accidentally overwritten. Or texting group messages to find coverage when half the group is already committed elsewhere. You need tools that give you workable options faster, so you can get on to your next challenge.

* Results of client survey, average time savings to create and manage staff schedules using ProviderScience is 64%.

Built for Healthcare Experts. Supported by Healthcare Experts.

We only schedule healthcare providers.

The truth is, you can’t afford to spend weeks or months implementing a new scheduling tool that probably won’t work for you. Your time is valuable and what you need is a better way to schedule that works for your unique environment.

Our scheduling tools are built for healthcare providers. Out of the box, we support floating staff, multiple shift qualifications and complex PTO coverage. But, we don’t just sign a contract and wish you the best. Our healthcare experts work closely with you during and after implementation to ensure success.

Meaning, you will schedule staff faster and more accurately than ever before, day one.

Our Specialties

"A great scheduling tool to improve productivity of your team while also providing easy to read schedules, better understanding of areas that need more attention, all while increasing customer satisfaction."

Brady ShimekPharmacy District Manager, Brookshire Brothers

Why Our Customers Trust Us

"I love the ProviderScience vacation tool! We took a nightmare 12-week annual process and made it into a streamlined delight for all involved. Without a doubt, this is the biggest positive change we've made for our people this year."

Jim ManfredExecutive Director